9:49AM, Thursday 22nd August 2019

Last Snowfall
on 22 August

Weather Conditions

Partly Cloudy, 0°C

Partly cloudy with clearing scattered precipitation in the morning. Winds from the NW at 25 kph. High of -2, low of -2.

Snow Conditions

Average depth: 100cm (50cm-150cm)

Last snowfall: 3cm on 22 August

With a few new centimeters of snow overnight to refresh the snow surface, it is shaping up to be an awesome Thursday. Additionally, we anticipate opening upper Allan's Basin for the first time since Tuesday's storm, allowing access to plenty of untracked terrain. With so many fresh turns available, that Broken River token shiver will be sent up your spine after each run. Gear shuttle update: due to popular demand, our gear shuttle will be running from Hanomag car park for the next two weeks. Shuttle leaves at 9:30 AM so if you arrive early please note that your gear will arrive at the huts around 10:00 AM. See you up here!


Tyndall Tramway Closed

You best bring appropriate footwear for the tramp to the ticket office.

Rugby Tow Open

Get in some fast laps on this tow and show off your skills to the crowds down at Palmer lodge.

Access Tow Open

Can be a little tricky when the conditions are firm, but it makes it adventure getting both up and down.

Main Tow Open

Giving access to the lookers left side of the main basin and providing stunning views of the possibly haunted Grey range.

Ridge Tow Open

Gives you access to all the gnarly lines on Nervous Knob, plus all the terrain of Allan's Basin

Baby Tow Open

Great for beginners.

Traverse Tow Open

The next step after Baby tow, plus gets you from Palmer Lodge over to Main tow.

Allan's Basin Open

Two more alpine bowls for your enjoyment. Long runs, bringing you back to the Access platform.
Services & Facilities

Lyndon Lodge Open

Broken River Lodge Open

White Star Chalet Open


Access Road Chains on all vehicles

Please take care on the road, machinery may be working. Common sense driving and travel skills also recommended (don't drive here with bald tires and RWD)

NOTE: Broken River Ski Area does not undertake avalanche control or ski patrolling outside the ski area boundary. See our trail map for ski area boundaries. Always be suitably prepared when skiing outside the ski area boundary - know the avalanche risks, carry avalanche safety gear and know how to use it. Visit for the most recent avalanche conditions.

Thursday, August 22nd 6:23 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 6:23 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 6:08 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 6:08 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 5:53 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 5:38 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 5:23 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 5:08 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 4:53 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 4:38 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 4:23 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 4:08 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 4:08 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 3:53 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 3:53 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 3:38 pm
Thursday, August 22nd 3:23 pm

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