10:14AM, Friday 17th August 2018

Last Snowfall
on 16 August

Weather Conditions

Partly Cloudy, 1°C

Northwest winds with possible flurries developing later in the day.

Snow Conditions

Average depth: 115cm (50cm-180cm)

Last snowfall: 8cm on 16 August

Walking home, after dinner, from Lynden Lodge to the staff hut, I found myself in a childlike wonder. Snow! Standing on the road, with the light shining a spotlight on nature's magical sprinkles, I did what we've all done before. Tilting my head back, my gaze turned upwards towards the stars that were hidden behind clouds. I watched as countless white fluffy flakes, tumbled down from the sky, white flecks scattered among black darkness. They were not just any snowflakes - they were the big fatties. Throwing both arms out to the side, I closed my eyes and felt that sweet frozen niblets tickle my nose and neck. A peaceful smile became painted on my face and pure joy filled my body. From the hair on my head - with specks of snow scattered among the curls - to the toes on my feet - feeling the gentle crunch of accumulated snow upon each step. Yeah that's right; we got snow people. Only a few 10 cm refresh for now, but Mamma Nature is slated to call in the heavies tonight. You know what else is going down tonight? NIGHT SKIING and LIVE MUSIC ! With any luck the snow starts falling early this evening and you get first tracks as it starts to dump. Snow Forecast is for 6 cm this afternoon, and 28 overnight. If you're REALLY clever you'll book accommodation tonight as well, ensuring you're poised for a face shot Saturday.


Tyndall Tramway Closed

Bring appropriate footwear for the tramp to the ticket office.

Rugby Tow Open

Access Tow Open

Main Tow Open

Ridge Tow Open

Baby Tow Open

Traverse Tow Open

Allan's Basin On Hold

Services & Facilities

Lyndon Lodge Open

Broken River Lodge Open

White Star Chalet Open


Access Road Chains to be carried

NOTE: Broken River Ski Area does not undertake avalanche control or ski patrolling outside the ski area boundary. See our trail map for ski area boundaries. Always be suitably prepared when skiing outside the ski area boundary - know the avalanche risks, carry avalanche safety gear and know how to use it. Visit for the most recent avalanche conditions.

Friday, August 17th 6:19 pm
Friday, August 17th 6:04 pm
Friday, August 17th 5:49 pm
Friday, August 17th 5:34 pm
Friday, August 17th 5:19 pm
Friday, August 17th 5:04 pm
Friday, August 17th 4:49 pm
Friday, August 17th 4:34 pm
Friday, August 17th 4:19 pm
Friday, August 17th 4:04 pm
Friday, August 17th 4:04 pm
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Friday, August 17th 3:19 pm

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